Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy 39th Birthday, James!

Today is James’ birthday. Robert and I woke him up this morning by singing him “Happy Birthday” and smothering him with kisses.
James has been feeling good these past two weeks. His energy is still a bit low, but no nausea or stomach problems to speak of. He is feeling so good, in fact, that we are going out to dinner tonight with a few friends to celebrate his birthday.
We wanted to give you all an update on the status of James’ transplant.
We have received a tentative schedule from the doctor, as follows:
This week: James finishes his last round of chemotherapy
April 28th: James begins his hospital stay, undergoing intense chemotherapy and radiation
May 5th: James receives stem cell transplant
May 12th: James’ new bone marrow stem cells begin to reproduce healthy blood
May 26th-June 10th: James is released from hospital and begins home care
June-August: James’ body and new immune system continue to get to know each other, close monitoring required
September: If all has gone well, at this time James will begin to steadily improve and require less stringent medical attention.

These dates could be pushed out a week, depending on the doctor’s assessment of James’ health over the next few weeks.

An interesting note: we found out recently that the donor is a 41 year-old WOMAN! James will truly be in touch with his feminine side once he receives the transplant. ☺ His blood type will change from O+ to A+ as well. We are constantly amazed at the transplant process!

We will post a new entry when James enters the hospital so that everyone knows when the process has begun.

James has really enjoyed reading the notes you all have left in the comments section of this blog. Thanks for everyone’s support and encouragement.

Stacey and Robert


Stacey said...

I love you, James.

Can't wait to share many more birthdays with you.


Anonymous said...

Hello James, just a note from a long time slack show viewer, first time post - Hope the last round of chemo goes smooth, noticed that you found your donor on my birthday- nice 2/27
Anyway I will try to catch up and read the entire blog, although I hate reading blogs. Crazy super random run -in with McDonald yesterday at the Hawthorne Starbos, I made him provide an autograph before going about his business, I tried not to be too much of a crazed fan, but I do watch the slack show religiously and was star-struck, you know - Ever since the news about your situation I have always wanted to help, and give some actionable support, in any way, just did not know how - Currently I specialize in domain name and internet properties, I thought that a simpler, more referencable domain was in order if we are going to raise more fundage for you shibley, so I checked and is of course available, this might be an effective domain to register as you do have name recognition from the show, and could easily be rumorized to point traffic to this blog or any financial support efforts and funding that you have setup, fact is, that this blogspot content name is too long to remember and pass along, just a recommendation,.. In addition I could always help you to find and register a short, 5 letter domain if you would prefer, of course all 4 letter domains, or less, have already been registered.
Hope all is well, my girlfriend and I love the slack show - are avid watchers, and would love to help, in fact I will even donate this signed twenty with bills john hancock pened in, for another signed document, just to make a starter donation ..hope to hear from ya ! Tim /

Raine said...

damn, you guys are looking good! thanks for sharing the photos. i am so glad you were feeling well enough to celebrate on your b-day, James! i have a feeling your 40th is going to be the celebration of the century.
i love you guys and have you in my thoughts always.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's a first, a woman giving James the bone... (Love ya, bro!)

Troy Wagner

Anonymous said...

Hey James, guess who? It’s Holly!
39? Wow time fly’s. I thought you were a few years younger than me, I guess not.
You are a beautiful family and a belated congrats on the birth of your son.
I heard about you being in need of a bone marrow donor and am so thrilled to hear you have found one. I about fell off my chair when I heard it was from a women. I guess I just automatically thought it would be from a man. I guess blood is blood as long as it matches.
My mother had a bone marrow transplant 8 years ago at OHSU. I was her care taker during her recovery. Not sure if you remember that or not.
If you need anything or want to talk about the process with someone that has went through it (not me personally but I was there with my mom from the beginning to the full recovery).
Love ya James

Anonymous said...

More good news James! I just spoke with Mel Kiper Jr. from ESPN, it looks as if the fact you start your procedure on NFL draft weekend has not affected your draft status! Once again, EXACTLY like myself, you are not projected to be picked in any round. I'll never forget the last thing Mel said to me, as Security was dragging me off, "Get the #%&* out of here!" It's the warm moments such as those that really touch a guy like me...

tarra said...

I guess we got on the train a little late but we wanted you both to know that we love you and am ecstatic that things are looking up.

Happy Birthday, Cuz! Your age has almost caught up with your hairstyle!! Congrats! :)

Much love and best wishes,
Tarra & Travis

P.S. Give that baby a big sloppy kiss for me!

Anonymous said...

O my sweet James,
It does a Mother's heart good to read the comments from people whose life you have touched, & I know that for every one who has commented, there are a hundred dear ones who have chosen not to. Yet I know that they carry you in their hearts & minds. I am so grateful to everyone who loves & cares about you, my son. I must admit that I take a perverse pride in knowing that I am the 1st one whose life you touched, & every aspect of my being is covered with your finger prints. I wear them with joy.
James, I so enjoyed being with you on your birthday. Paulette

george said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures and for updating us through this site. It's so great to be able to check in. I loved seeing you together and out enjoying yourselves. We wish so much that we could have been there to celebrate with you. Hahaha, James is almost as old as Mike. Hahahahaha! You two old men... ;)

We're hanging in here in Greensboro, realizing more and more, though, that we are in the south. It's an interesting experience, but we're not so sure how we feel about it. There's much to both totally love and totally despise about our jobs, and we're working crazy hard to make our work life better. Mike just wants to finish his diss and I just want to get back to writing for the summer. We can't wait for the brief break summer will bring.

Shaun is huge now! She's getting that long and lean kid look, and it's weird because it really makes us realize that she's growing up. We miss our baby, but life with her just keeps getting better and better. She's really hilarious, and she's a really nice person. Someday we will meet Robert! We feel badly that our kids can't play together.

Keep us posted on all that's going on!

We love you!
Beth, Mike, and Shaunoo

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

i heard of your story in a roundabout way--from a comment by Bill McDonald. you and I met in a video class at PCMTV a few years ago and had a rollicking time. i've watched your local access show and always appreciated your sense of humor. i'm so very glad to hear about the donor!

my thoughts are with you, my friend. seize the day. stay healthy.


Anonymous said...

I am tuned into the show tonight; a rerun of 2004. I Am laughing at the wonder of the team that you and Bill are. The comedy is the magic that shows the closeness of your friendship. I want you to know how clearly your friendship shows then, as now. In a much different way. Bill, your care for your friend is a gift. It is rare to have such a friendship. To have such a friendship, such a loving wife and family must mean you are a rare and special human. I have been through a life changing illness over the past several years. Stacey, don't let the paperwork suck your energy...I'm afraid it's purpose may be intended to. They make things as cumbersome as possible. The money WITH insurance is an eyeopener. Money is their game. Don't let it take your attention from your heart. Bless you and your precious son. May you find the comfort he holds for you in his spirit, contained in that small body.
I just want you all to know that you are wished many loving blessings. And thanks for the rerun, the laughs over the years, and sharing the detrioration of our global situation from your couch week after week. We have all been waking up together. At times the fight is very personal and overwhelming for us, maybe to enlighten us what is really important. IF LOVE is the answer I see that James is a well loved man, therfore greatly blessed.
Much loving energy being sent your way.
Jan and crazy dog in Hawthorne

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jan and Crazy Dog,
I really appreciated your comment.
--Bill McDonald

george said...

Thinking of you all!
Beth, Mike, and Shaun