Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shibley Makes the Portland Tribune

Newspaper columnist Phil Stanford included an item about the cable access show James has been a part of for 4-plus years. It's actually about a political candidate named Will Hobbs who's running for Congress against David Wu. Will took Shibley's place on the couch this week.

Phil Stanford writes:

Forget Barack Obama and Steve Novick. Biggest surprise of the political season has got to be Will Hobbs, the country rock guitarist turned Intel engineer who’s running for Congress in the district that includes west Portland and Beaverton. … Two weeks ago, probably no one besides fans of the popular ’70s band Wheatfield had ever heard of him. As of this week, he has the endorsement of both The Oregonian and Willamette Week, both of which picked him over incumbent David Wu. … One thing for sure, this guy’s no ordinary politician. Sunday evening he’ll be appearing on my pal Bill McDonald’s cable-access show, “Born to Slack,” raising money for McDonald’s co-host James Shibley, who just underwent a stem cell transplant. Who says good guys have to finish last?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! What wonderful news! I am so grateful for all the great things happening for you, James and family. Love, Grandma