Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here's the First Post

Hi, I'm Bill McDonald, the co-host of Born to Slack, a cable access show in Portland, Oregon. The show is based on a suggestion by James Shibley and is just closing in on its 200th episode.
Unfortunately, James has come down with a serious health problem, but there is hope and we're going to fight for his survival.
More details will follow but this blog is to help do that so it is now up and running.

Oh yeah, the posts will just be signed by the show. Usually that's just the blogger's name but we're going to have more than one person posting.

If you'd like to leave a comment, feel free. I might read some on the show.

The calls I have with James are still full of laughs despite the gravity of his situation. We're also going to try and continue to have fun here. Why not?

That's it for now.

1 comment:

willmck@comcast.net said...

I greatly appreciate hearing you read that positive and wonderfully written email for James (and you),
No need to read this on air; I just want to re-emphasize the positive appreciation as expressed in that email; I too have enjoyed your program, the humor, the attitudes, the information. I share your concerns and drear horror at the state of things, and discovering that you have viewers who respond so favorably is very encouraging to me in an otherwise welter of discouraging bullshit.
My best thoughts and prayerful feelings are with you guys all the way. Keep it up! - (I was a crisis counselor and chaplain in the Los Angeles County jails for a few decades, retired, moved in with family to write a book at age 62) - Yours sincerely, Will McKinley