Monday, February 25, 2008

Join James in his Fight against MDS

James with Stacey and Robert, Christmas Day, 2007

James Shibley is a 38 year-old, caring husband to wife Stacey, and a stay-at-home-father to 10 month old, Robert. In addition to caring for Robert, James worked part-time to help make ends meet. In December, 2007, James was diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) – a precursor to acute leukemia. The only way to survive the disease is a successful bone marrow transplant. James has begun chemotherapy sessions and had a blood transfusion to try and keep his blood counts as high as possible while a donor is being located. Once a donor is found, the transplant itself requires a 4 – 6 week hospital stay. In addition, the first 3 – 6 months that James is at home after the transplant he will require intensive care.
The expenses for treating James, not to mention the emotional toll on the family, are significant. James can no longer work or care for their little boy. The family has needed to hire a nanny, pay out-of-pocket medical costs, and make their monthly insurance payments through COBRA as James’ job was the provider of the family’s health insurance.
James and his family have moved in with extended family to help defray these costs and minimize the financial burdens. They are quickly realizing, however, that their monthly responsibilities are more than they can afford. The hospital recently informed James and Stacey that their insurance will not cover the full cost for James’ transplant and post-transplant care. The family needs to raise at least $50,000 to cover the first year’s costs that are not covered by his insurance company.
Through these last few months James and his family have begun to realize how large their community of support is and have been humbled and touched by the outpouring of love and generosity they have received. They want to thank everyone for their support and encouraging thoughts.
If you would like to help James in his fight against MDS, you can send donations to the following address:

James Shibley
Stacey Rutland
625 SW Alder St. #103
Portland, OR 97205

For your contributions to be tax-deductible, please fill out the attached PDF and send checks to:

National Transplant Assistance Fund (NTAF)
150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120
Radnor, PA 19087

We will send monthly updates to let everyone know James’ health status and where we are in our fundraising campaign.

Thank you,
The Shibley Family

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Anonymous said...

A collective outburst of joy and hope resounded at Omedia when we heard your news about a donor! I know this whole thing isn't over yet, but it's so exciting to be making positive progress!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!